Securing The Connected World

Technology is connecting the world. From energy production, healthcare to smart homes, a cleaner environment, and a more convenient world awaits.

01. Detect

Automatically add new devices to your asset management systems accurately and without the need for manual involvement.

02. Classify

CyAmast uses Machine Learning & deterministic models to distinguish between asset types for accurate asset inventory.

03. Monitor

Tracking fine-grained temporal activity of network flows, instead of inspecting packets, enables complete visibility into intended device behaviour.

04. Defend

CyAmast captures established patterns of behaviour to create a unique behavioural fingerprint and sends a signal for remedial action when detected.

Leadership & Management

Visibility For Management

The CyAmast solution provides clear and actionable insight to executives to give them an instant snapshot of their risks and operational efficiencies.

With CyAmast deployed, your personalised dashboards give you clarity at a glance without the guesswork and supposition from competing products. Our new generation solution delivers the foundations for optimising the risk in your organisation.

IT & Security Departments

Technology for Intelligence

A CyAmast deployment provides IT departments with the asset intelligence, optimised workflows, and anomaly detection to improve efficiencies across the board. It does all of this without interruption or additional burdens on existing network infrastructure.

Talk with us

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Frictionless Asset Deployment

CyAmast understands your industry challenges

Every industry faces its own unique challenges that require an understanding of workflows, processes, regulatory & compliance issues, and the opportunities for improvement. CyAmast will help.

Banking & Finance

Data Centres






Retail Centres