About CyAmast The Futureof Asset Management & Security

Our Vision

Our vision is of a connected world that provides infinitely greater convenience, without compromising security.

Our Mission

To ensure that every organisation using CyAmast’s technology stays efficient and immutable by understanding the assets they have deployed.

Our Values

CyAmast operate honestly, transparently, and hold our clients’ and their end-user’s safety in primacy every second.

“With all of the benefits that connected devices provide us, visibility and security remains a formidable challenge. Our Vision is to facilitate the co-existence between robust cyber-security and connected devices so that all of the possible benefits of a digital ecosystem can be recognised.”

Adam de Jong

CEO, CyAmast


Expert Founders




Billion Assets


Years in Development

By The Numbers

Our company is based on technology that has been researched and developed over many years by a team of highly respected leaders in Software Defined Networking (SDN) and asset management and cybersecurity at UNSW Sydney School of Electrical Engineering & Telecommunications.

Over Time



During 2019 we began the journey of productising the ground-breaking research that was developed by CyAmast’s founders at the University of New South Wales Faculty of Engineering


1.3M in pre-seed funding 

In 2020, CyAmast welcomed our founding CEO, Adam de Jong to the team, and we secured funding from our Venture Capitalist partner


Accelerator & Traction

CyAmast was accepted into the illustrious and highly competitive CyRise Accelerator program which came with additional investment into the company