IT Departments Maximise your control over your Cyber Asset rich networks

Faster Intelligence

Auto Asset Management

Effortless Monitoring

Remove False Positives

IT Departments

You’re already maintaining complex and ever-changing ecosystems within your organisation. Adding more complexity and additional pressure on existing strained infrastructure.

CyAmast runs in parallel to your current networks and requires very little effort to deploy or maintain, and provides exponential increases in automation of management and reporting.

Zoom In / Zoom Out

With CyAmast, you can gain an immediate overview of the performance and health of your entire network at a glance. If, however, you wish to really zoom in to an individual (or custom group) of devices, you can do so at a click.

 You can see the data rates for each and every device, both historically and current, and observe manually whether the behaviour may indicate malfunction or possible security compromise. The good news is that you don’t need to monitor yet another pane of glass if you don’t need or want to – CyAmast can automatically pass potential incidents to security devices on your network to respond in milliseconds.

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IT Departments Resources

There’s already enough demands placed on IT Departments. Without being given additional resources, how can they add IoT to their workload?

With CyAmast, you’ll have the capability without the pressure.