Our Product

Australia’s premier patented IoT asset discovery and monitoring tool

Our Approach

Detection of IoT/OT devices

Uses AI, machine learning and deterministic models to distinguish between IoT and non-IoT devices for accurate asset inventory

Passive and Active Protection

Passive and active deployments can mitigate cyber attacks by signaling exiting firewall and other security infrastructure

Visibility at a
Flow Level

Flow analysis as opposed to packet inspection provides complete visibility into intended device behavior and determines whether devices are already compromised

"Whitelisting" Network Activity

Restrict IoT device and sensor traffic flows to just their intended behavior

Behavior Modeling

AI-based profiling and learning of normal behavior of IoT devices and sensors

Anomaly Detection

Detects deviations from normal behaviors that could indicate either device compromise or malfunction


Scalable & Cost-effective

Unprecedented scalability
(hundreds of Gbps) without dependence on lots of expensive infrastructure

Device Agnostic

Compatible with the MUD (Manufactures Usage Descriptions) standard and complements embedded individual device security measures

Forensic Analysis & Compliance

Logs IoT network behavior for compliance checks and post-mortem analysis. What, When and Why it happened