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Revolutionary asset discovery and monitoring solution

CyAmast discovers all active assets on the network. Once identified, patented Machine Learning classifies each device by make and type. The device is then catalogued, and the inventory maintained by automation within the CyAmast platform.

Incredible Technology

CyAmast assists in identifying and addressing a range of anomalous behaviors and potential cyber risks pertinent to characteristics of communication patterns, configurations of protocols and/or software/firmware components, and profiles of certain contents exchanged among connected assets. This fully validates the end-to-end efficacy of the deployed controls in your network environments. Because of our unique technology, it can be carried out across nodes communicating via encrypted traffic too.

The CyAmast Cycle

CyAmast is a unique and proprietary network-level Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management solution that has developed with the user and cybersecurity operator in mind. The visibility that CyAmast supplies – from detection, to classification, to monitoring – is second to none. Our goal is to ensure each client can stay as close to 100% secure and efficient as possible, with complete fidelity over their networked assets.


1. Detection of Network Assets

Uses AI, machine learning and deterministic models to distinguish between devices for accurate inventory


2. Passive & Active Protection

Passive and active deployments can mitigate cyber attacks by signalling exiting firewall and other security infrastructure


3. Visibility at the 'Flow' Level

Flow analysis provides complete visibility into intended device behaviour & determines whether devices are already compromised


4. "Whitelisting" Network Activity

Restrict IoT device and sensor traffic flows to just their intended behaviour and know exactly where your network sits


5. Behaviour Modeling

AI-based profiling and learning of normal behaviour of IoT devices and sensors gives a complete and automated big picture that can be explored in full fidelity


6. Anomaly Detection

Detects deviations from normal behaviours that could indicate either device compromise or malfunction, allowing teams to respond appropriately

The CyAmast Advantage

Delivery & OutcomesCyAmastLegacy Asset ManagementCAASM Competitors
Cloud Asset Monitoring
Incident Response Acceleration
Vulnerability ID
Automate Policy Enforcement
Enrich Asset Data
Identity and Access Governance
Compliance Automation

Scalable & Cost-effective

Unprecedented scalability
(hundreds of Gbps) without dependence on lots of expensive customised infrastructure

Formal Behavioural Modelling

Compatible with the MUD (Manufactures Usage Descriptions) standard and complements embedded individual device security measures

Forensic Analysis & Compliance

See What, When and Why it happened – lightweight and explainable logs of OT/IoT devices and their relevant network behaviours


CyAmast is changing the way networks are secured. I look forward to seeing how they catalyse the full power of more integrated digital networks by providing a more robust asset management and security solution. It’s very early days in the emerging and complex space of CAASM, but I believe CyAmast and their unique approach to be well-placed to ensure the safety of all networks – from tiny LANs to enterprise – as digital transformation fulfils its global promise, and helps usher in a more empowered world.

Paul Barrett – CEO, Hysata

Operational Technology

CyAmast assists in identifying and addressing potential security issues across the range of possible risks, supply chain issues, hardware, firmware, and software reviews, as well as penetration testing outcomes. This fully validates the end-to-end efficacy of the deployed controls in your IT environments, and because of our unique architecture, can be across nodes carrying encrypted traffic too.

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