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Manufacturing is one the industry verticals most rapidly adopting IoT technologies. With CyAmast, everything from robotic assembly lines, logistics & distribution, condition-based maintenance, and resource efficiencies can be improved without compromising security or requiring further resources.

Moreover, CyAmast can safely bypass any functions that are displaying anomalous behaviours without needing to remove the device from production or operation in the majority of cases. The established controls’ system, SCADA, along with the newer generational Industrial IoT (IIoT) devices, are seen, managed, and controlled by CyAmast under the same device pools.

This simplified approach means no additional learning curve, and a continuous, streamlined adoption for workflows and automations.

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How IoT is Changing Manufacturing

How IoT is Changing Manufacturing

IoT is not just about connecting devices - it's promise is greater than the sum of its parts - using devices to create new services and capabilities that improve our collective lives. One industry that is experiencing a pronounced positive benefit from IoT adoption is manufacturing.