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Improving the experience of guests and being able to provide better, automated controls to reduce power and water consumption are the immediate benefits IoT offers the Hospitality industry. Giving guests (or concierge staff) the ability to change the TV channels, turn on or off lighting or aircon, order room service, tickets, a wake-up service, or even to checkout are what provide a memorable and comfortable experience. Doing so with fewer staff, and the need for less maintenance are immediately obvious benefits.

The ability to capture and act upon data like spending patterns, food preferences, entertainment and interests means being able to better cater to future guests too. With inherently itinerant populations within hospitality, risks of cyber incidents are high. Couple that with the need for general operational maintenance for lifts, cooling and heating solutions, CCTV and alarms, televisions, and the like, the CyAmast platform improves physical and cyber security, performance, and operational scheduling by keeping a finger on the pulse of the entire organisation. And if anomalies are detected, CyAmast can bypass issues without needing to pull them offline. Better security. Smarter operations. Greater guest satisfaction.

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