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There are huge benefits already being seen by retail centres implementing IoT-rich networks. With ‘Amazon Go’ – the shopping giants ‘smart store’ concept – being rolled out slowly in places around the globe, we’re seeing the future of brick & mortar, led by the unquestionable dominant force in online-shopping. These highly efficient stores leverage smart assets to provide a streamlined service to customers like zero-queue checkouts, and a heavily automated and a smoother operational back-end.

Retail centres don’t have to fall into this new (still largely proof-of-concept) paradigm to leverage OT & IoT assets. As it stands, Point-of-Sale systems, CCTV and alarm systems, building management, and other shared services’ infrastructure are already starting to benefit from this adoption. Reducing costs, improving staff and customer experience, and reducing environmental impacts are all within reach. CyAmast augment and improve these efficiencies dramatically by identifying recurring patterns and providing insights into device behaviours. Moreover, given the sheer and growing volume of data that travels (and at rest) within retail environments, CyAmast also stops data exfiltration cold by recognising anomolies.

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