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The scale and investment associated with mining mean there are huge inherent risks to people and financial ramifications from downtime or operational inefficiencies. Industrial IoT (IIoT) is being adopted across the sector, but without the right tools, can cause more issues than it prevents. With investments into new technologies like driverless vehicles, drainage, power provision, and worker safeguarding, proper management is not only a matter of cost-saving, but literal life and death. There is a massive shift towards automation governed by IoT controls within the Mining industry with the sector nearing 100% adoption of at least some IoT solutions in many countries. CyAmast provides a comprehensive real-time asset inventory and can not only detect potentially dangerous anomalies but can importantly preserve functions in the event of anomalous activity; preventing or delaying the need to go offline for repair or adjustment. Increased effectiveness and less downtime while improving health and safety.

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