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Telecommunications organisations are the bedrock of our connected world. They provide the infrastructure and services that allow for people and devices to communicate, in turn providing the capabilities and promises IoT presents.

By deploying IoT, core infrastructure and end-user devices alike can be enhanced and controlled to deliver benefits that save time and save money. From controlling the data centres and compute capabilities that are the backbone of telcos, through to the shaping and scheduling of network traffic, CyAmast provides the visibility and control to ensure operational efficiencies.

From suboptimal configurations to security incidents, packets cost money. Being able to see and respond to such inefficient and expensive occurrences in carrier traffic is critical to both the bottom line and to the overall user experience of customers. With IoT enhanced by the CyAmast platform, at both an individual and macro level, there are huge efficiencies that can be gained. The prudent management of traffic for patching and updates across infrastructure, stopping volumetric attacks on ISPs and businesses, through to being able to halt botnets at the consumer equipment level, means anomalies in device behaviours can be identified and reacted to automatically and immediately.

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