Kevin Bloch Joins CyAmast

May 4, 2021 | Company Updates

Today, Adam de Jong, the CEO of Australian IoT start-up, CyAmast, announced the appointment of Kevin Bloch. Kevin was the long-serving Chief Technology Officer at Cisco, and now joins the growing team of internationally recognised experts forming the advisory team for the IoT company.

Kevin Bloch Joins CyAmast

Kevin Bloch joins CyAmast


“We are delighted to announce the appointment of Kevin Bloch as a strategic advisor to CyAmast. As the former CTO of Cisco, Kevin brings decades of engineering, product and commercial leadership experience to the team. We look forward to benefiting from his wealth of knowledge as we aspire to rapidly scale the business in 2021.”

– Adam de Jong

Kevin is currently the founder of the corporate technology advisory firm Bloch Advisory, that provides tactical advice and strategic guidance to a number of Australian and international clients, including other vendors of IT hardware, software, and services as well as members of the financial community looking to invest in technology companies.

With IoT device numbers exploding, security and asset management is becoming an increasing concern for both consumers and organisations alike. Founded by world renowned researchers in networking, security, and AI technologies, CyAmast is developing solutions to tackle current and future challenges.

If you’d like to see how CyAmast can help you improve your operational efficiencies and boost your security posture, start your free trial today!