Our Company

Our company is based on technology that has been researched and developed over many years by a team of highly respected leaders in Software Defined Networking (SDN) and IoT Cyber-Security at UNSW Sydney School of Electrical Engineering & Telecommunications.

Our Mission

We are passionate about solving complex problems and our mission is to advance Australia’s sovereign cyber capabilities and defend organizations from the pervasive threat of IoT vulnerabilities and attacks.

“With all of the benefits that connected devices provide us, visibility and security remains a formidable challenge. Our Vision is to facilitate the co-existence between robust cyber-security and connected devices so that all of the possible benefits of a digital ecosystem can recognized”
Our Founding Team boasts the optimal mix of commercial, technical, academic, and military experience.

Adam de Jong MBA


Arunan Sivanathan PhD

Lead ML Engineer ​

Hassan Habibi PhD


Ayyoob Hamza

Chief Architect


Paul Barret PhD


Paul is an experienced technology executive. He was a co-founder and CTO of AquaHydrex and has successfully scaled early stage companies to large multinationals. Paul was awarded his PhD from the University College Dublin and is the holder of 6 patents. He currently leads the Physical Science investment team at IP Group and is an active board member.

Professor Vijay Sivaraman PhD


Vijay is a renowned academic and respected technology leader with Silicon Valley startup experience. He is a co-founder and advisor to CyAmast and also holds the role of CEO at Canopus Networks. Vijay is a highly respected Professor at UNSW, Sydney where he specialises in Software Defined Networking (SDN). Vijay obtained his B.Tech from IIT Delhi and his PhD from UCLA. He has published over 160 articles and papers and holds 10 Patents.



IoT Alliance Australia’s vision is to empower industry to grow Australia’s competitive advantage through IoT. With over 900 member organisations, CyAmast has partnered with IoTAA to accelerate the secure adoption of IoT by supporting collaboration across industry, government, research and communities.